My dad was an avid photographer and this site is my attempt to digitally preserve his collection of slides.

Alasdair spent years taking and painstakingly curating these slides. This is a collection of those he felt were his best.

There are photos of many different areas of his interests and some that are truly random. It has been a very time consuming but rewarding exercise scanning thousands of slides over several months. Now that they are digitised they stand a much better chance of being preserved for the future. They are also much more accessible and you are welcome to browse the collection.

Most of the slides were taken between the late 1980’s all they way up to the early 2000’s when dad made the switch to digital. I would like to add more recent images to this site in due course. During the time these slides were taken, Alasdair was a member of Kinross camera club which should probably take some credit for diversifying the collection away from aircraft and into all sorts of different topics. His particular interests were in taking photos of people, sailing, landscapes, aircraft and townscapes.

Dad passed away on the 23rd April 2014.